The Law of Subtraction Can Be Applied To Your Self-Care Routine

The Law of Subtraction has created many wonderful things such as balance bikes, eloping, and USB-powered flashlights. There are numerous examples in my life where this law has applied. For instance, when we couldn't find the time to mow the lawn, we realized that the lawn mower needed to be fixed, and the lawn required chemicals, maintenance, and weekly reminders. So, we decided to let the dandelions grow, threw clover and wildflower seeds, and created a beautiful meadow. We no longer needed the money or time to fix the mower as a new push mower could handle the small patch for the kids to play soccer. This change freed up space in our heads, and we stopped arguing all summer.

Similarly, when our dishwasher broke down, our family started eating pancakes like toast, using our hands and dipping each bite in our own tiny little reusable container of syrup. This reduced the number of dishes and silverware we used and still allowed us to enjoy our breakfast, which the kids loved.

Whenever my life feels overwhelming, or I seem to be surrounded by a clutter of thoughts, I take a closer look at my morning routine. The Law of Subtraction can be applied to self-care as well. I throw away expired products that I'm saving for no good reason, see if I can combine a few daily self-care tasks, like washing my face in the shower, and even start a new adventure with a different brand, one item at a time, putting a little spark back into my me-time. I cleanse the extra and start fresh.

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